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A transfer function is a handy approach to express the input-output relationship of a linear, time-invariant system. It`s calculated by performing a Laplace transform on the differential equations describing system dynamics with zero starting conditions. A transfer function can also be calculated from observed input-output data in the absence of these equations. A transfer function can also be calculated from observed input-output data in the absence of these equations.

Between the input and the output, there is a significant link. All the control systems have one output and input too. The process of the input is done through the transfer function to get to the output.

You might not understand what does this means. The Laplace transform, as you may know, is a mathematical representation of how a system converts from its input to its output. But mostly, it’s not direct. It could be possible that your inputs and outputs are not from the same genre. Consider a motor that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. AC motor has the same case. In these situations the input is in the form of electrical energy and the output yielded is the mechanical energy. Here, Laplace makes it possible for the representation of mathematical signals.

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  • Using a transfer function to generate a state-space model

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