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What is curve fitting in MATLAB?

Curve fitting in MATLAB is explained as the process of fitting the best Y values and a mix of X values using the formula y=f(x). MATLAB includes and curve-fitting toolbox on its powerful computational environment that has graphical user interfaces and M-file operations. The curve fitting assignment consists of derivatives, vectors, gradients, and liner/nonlinear transformations. The curve fitting toolbox includes:

  1. A curve fitting app
  2. Linear/ non-linear regression
  3. Interpolation and smoothing
  4. Post-processing
  5. Splines

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Curve fitting app: Many functions can be carried out with the curve fitting app, for instance, interpolation and linear/non-linear regression. Get the data from MATLAB and put it out for curves and fittings. Operate line fi functions of fit curves:

  • surface and curve fitting
  • overview of the app
  • fit data with MATLAB
  • surface fitting
  • Code generation.

Linear/ non-linear regression:

To increase fit quality, all standard regression models contain improved solver settings and beginning conditions. You can use conventional regression models or custom equations to apply linear regression.

  • Technique overview
  • Curve fitting polynomial
  • Least-Squares Fitting

Using, Fourier series, exponentials, Gaussians, power series, and standard models, do nonlinear parametric regression.

Overview of techniques

  • Functions of linear and non-linear in curve fitting tool
  • Exponential models
  • Interpolation:

    • Methods of interpolation
    • An overview of the techniques
    • Select an interpolant fit


    Moving average, smoothing splines, and localized regression are used to smooth data.

    • Functions of smoothing
    • A smoothing technique overview


    Using post-processing methods, plot the fit after fitting a curve. Check for accuracy, compute integrals and derivatives, and determine confidence intervals.

    • Functions of processing
    • Comparison of fits in the app
    • Evaluation


    The spline operations that are advanced such as optimum knot location, data point weighting, and knot manipulation are all under control. Spline is a function that can be built either with or without data.

    • How to build a spline.
    • Interpolation of cubic spline
    • Intro to fitting a spline

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