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What comes under Fourier assignment help?

You might have come across this term in school or between your friends. It’s complex and gives zero understanding by just hearing the name. You might’ve panicked when you heard it for the first time. If yes, then a little research wouldn’t do anything bad to you.

When we look at a mathematical equation, it seems pretty hard, and complex but when you slowly start solving it, it makes sense, and till you reach the final solution you get the idea of what you were intending to extract from it. Mathematical equations never seem to benefit in real life, we solve them just to pass the final, but this is not the case with Fourier transform. Fourier transform provides applications to many real-life problems; it is complicated and hidden under a detailed solution but unlike other complicated things, Fourier transform can be easily explained. We wouldn’t dive into the complexities and take a round of the difficult terms to explain Fourier transform, we will use simple words to make it easy for everyone to grasp it.

What is the Fourier transform?

Fourier transform is based on the concept that everything functioning in this universe is represented by waveform (a function of space, time, and the other variables) Electromagnetic waves, sound waves, and fluctuations in stock values over time are all examples. Everything being in a waveform extracts another concept from it. Waveform is a compilation of small sinusoidal waves.

A transformation changes the form and processes. This is what Fourier transform does. It reduces the waves into smaller sinusoidal waves; it’s called the deconstruction of a waveform into sinusoidal waves. As simple as it may appear, it has a wide range of uses and may make an engineer`s life a lot simpler. Let’s dig into a real-life example for a clear understanding. Let’s take brownies; a brownie is made of various ingredients like flour, eggs, vanilla essence, and chocolate powder. When you eat the brownie, you get a flavor of everything mixed up together. Now can you assess what is the waveform here? Yes absolutely right! The brownie here is the waveform and the ingredients eggs, flour, baking powder, and chocolate compose of the Fourier transform. Conclusively, the Fourier transform separates the components that make up any mass.

Applications of the Fourier transform:

Fourier transform is used in many real-life obstacles, it`s complex and requires a smart mind to do that calculations and solutions.

  • With the use of a two-dimensional Fourier transform, the high spatial frequency edges of pixels in pixelated pictures may be readily eliminated.
  • The sounds you hear are made up of various pressure waves so here, your ear acts like a Fourier transform.
  • Used in processing images
  • It is used by architects to builds safety measures for their buildings in times of earthquakes.
  • Used in editing software to do noise reduction from images

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