Derivatives Pricing Options

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Topics We Cater Under Our MATLAB Derivatives Pricing MATLAB Homework Service In The UK:

The custom derivatives pricing help provides a wide range of topics that come under the derivative pricing module. We take all kinds of orders even in the tightest deadlines and detailed requirements. When you send us the order, we ask for details like word limit, topics, and formats to follow, citations/references to add, expectations of the client, and most importantly the deadline. The topics we have recently catered are:

  • Analyzing And Pricing Of Equity Derivatives: The Financial instrument Toolbox in MATLAB is used to calculate profits, prices, and the responsiveness of portfolio of options and equity derivatives. The binomial model is ideal for American options but the Black-Scholes Model is most commonly used to calculate European options. These measures play a crucial role in carrying out collars, hedges, and tools for portfolio management.
  • Sensitivity Measure: Pricing options are sensitive to six measures known as gamma, theta, lambda, Delta, Vega, and rho. Have a look at how they are sensitive:
  • Gamma: It’s the rate at which the delta changes with the price of the asset.
  • Rho: It’s the rate of change in an options price relative to the risk-free interest rate is the sensitivity metric.
  • Delta: It cites the pace at which the price of derivative security changes to the price of the asset.
  • Theta: it’s the rate of change in the price of derivative security over time.
  • Lambda: It shows the responsiveness of an option. This one shows the change in price that arises due to the 1% change in the price of the asset.
  • Vega: This is the rate of change in price of derivative security in relation to the volatility of the asset.

The Functions Used in Derivatives Pricing Options MATLAB Help:

  • Blkprice
  • Blsgamma
  • Blkimpv
  • Binprice
  • Blsimpv
  • Blsdelta

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Some other topics that we have recently catered are:

  • Analyzing and Pricing Equity Derivatives
  • Plotting sensitivities of options’ portfolios
  • European stock option’s Greek-neutral portfolios
  • Plotting sensitivities of option’s

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