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Robust Control in MATLAB:

Robust control comes under Control theory. It is a bit technical so understanding the control theory beforehand is a smarter approach. Let’s have a clear understanding of what control theory is:

Control theory is a branch of mathematics concerned with the dynamics of plant and machine activities. This has been applied to multiple automatic processes. The control theory is further diversified into conventional control and modern control. Let’s dig into the conventional control first. Conventional control was made part of the control systems based on its theory of feedback, which was targeted at preserving the system. This was applied at the fly ball governor which is a feedback mechanism that regulates the flow of fuel to control the speed of an engine. The transmissions could only reach a certain distance.

On the other hand, modern control facilitates the use of computer systems to detect solutions of equations. The modern control is found very helpful because it helps with the solutions of equations in a much speedier way. Computer systems were perfectly aligned.

How to Deal With Unpredictable Situations:

The degree of accuracy in assignments related to figures and mathematics cannot be expected, there’s a risk of error in every process. When solving robust control assignments some uncertainties are bound to incur but is there any method to detect and correct these figures. Three methods in control system engineers can help in this matter.

  • Controllability
  • Stability
  • And Observability
  • The task of controllability is to influence the movement of a system from one design to another; on the other hand, observability keeps the system’s variables in observation. Stability refers to a system’s capacity to keep its responses within a defined range.

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    Robust Control works with nature`s shaky systems. One disadvantage is that they are unresponsive to minor changes. Consider the case of a truck carrying goods and a bicycle. If a truck passes through a road that is under construction, there is a good probability it will have trouble passing the track; yet, if a bicycle passes through the same road, it will have difficulty passing the issue. Therefore, we can state that the bicycle is more robust than the truck.

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